PMR News Headlines from 2005 to 2007:
News, accounts and information regarding Portland Mountain Rescue missions, events and activities.


Nov 09-11, 2007 PMR Searches for Missing UofO Professor

Nov 04, 2007 PMR Searches for Missing Hikers at Angels Rest

Oct 26, 2007 PMR Assists with Woman Injured in Estacada

Sep 08, 2007 Search for the Bodies of missing Mt. Hood climbers

Sep 07, 2007 Two climbers Rescued (one injured) on Mt. Hood

Aug 13, 2007 PMR Aids in Mt. Adams Search for missing climber

Aug 12, 2007 PMR Aids in Rescue of Drug Enforcment Deputies

July 31, 2007 Woman Trapped by Boulder

May 20, 2007 Mt. Hood Climber with Ankle Injury

Feb 18, 2007 PMR Rescues Climbers Lost in White River Canyon

Feb 4, 2007 Climbers lost in whiteout talked down by PMR

Jan 31, 2007 PMR Rescues climber injured by falling ice - Mt Hood

Jan 27, 2007 PMR Rescues climber with broken leg on Mt Hood

Jan 13, 2007 Deceased subject recovered from Ski Bowl area

Dec 17, 2006 PMR Search for 3 missing climbers on Mt Hood - Update

Dec 16, 2006 PMR Search for 3 missing climbers on Mt Hood - Update

Dec 14, 2006 PMR Search for 3 missing climbers on Mt Hood - Update

Dec 12, 2006 PMR Continues Search for 3 missing climbers on Mt Hood

Dec 11, 2006 PMR Searches for 3 missing climbers on Mt Hood

Nov 18, 2006 PMR locates and escorts 17 year old novice climber off Mt. Hood

Oct 16, 2006 PMR joins search for 8 year old at Crater Lake National Park

July 2, 2006 PMR joins others to aid Mt. Adams climbers

May 6, 2006 Fallen Skier on Reid Glacier

Apr 19, 2006 Search discovers deceased female subject


Mar 4, 2006 PMR team finds missing timber worker in remote canyon on Warm Springs Indian Reservation

Feb 19-20, 2006 Injured hikers found on road near Table Rock

Jan 29-30, 2006 13-year-old skier found alive, well near Multorpor Mountain's Ski Bowl ski area

Dec 5, 2005 PMR rescues two snowboarders on Mount Hood

Nov 15-16, 2005 PMR rescues 19-year-old climber on Mount Hood

Oct 11, 2005 PMR recovers body of man from steep portion of Goat Mountain

Jun 30, 2005 PMR receives PEAK Award for Excellence in Technical Rescue

Jun 11, 2005 PMR assists in search for missing 20-year-old man near Ripplebrook, Oregon

May 29, 2005 PMR rescues injured hiker and his dog from Mt Hood's Zig Zag Canyon