PMR News Headlines:
News, accounts and information regarding Portland Mountain Rescue missions, events and activities.


Dec 13, 2009 PMR's Position Statement Regarding Mission to Locate 3 Missing Climbers on Mt. Hood and Locator Beacons

Dec 14, 2009 Reid Headwall Mission Status Update

Oct 06, 2009 A Thank You letter in the Oregonian

Jun 28, 2009 PMR Hosts MRA 50th Anniversary Conference. See Video Contest Entries.

Jun 28, 2009 PMR Rescues Climber Struck by Ice

Jun 07, 2009 PMR Locates Lost Skiers

May 17, 2009 PMR Evacuates Injured Climber

May 16, 2009 Climber sustains knee injury from falling ice

Mar 06, 2009 PMR Locates Lost Skiers

Feb 01, 2009 PMR Assists with Climber's Self-Rescue

Jan 21, 2009 PMR Recovers Climber's Body from Mt. Hood

Jan 17, 2009 PMR Rescues one of its own on Mt. Hood

Oct 19, 2008 Climber Falls Mt. Hood

Oct 13, 2008 PMR Searches for Missing Climber on Mt. Adams

Oct 10, 2008 PMR Assists with Body Recovery in Oneonta Gorge

Aug 06, 2008 PMR Locates Lost Person on Mt. Hood

Jul 28, 2008 Recovery Mission on the Eliot Glacier Headwall

Jul 27, 2008 Hiker Injured in Fall from Trail

Jul 06, 2008 Climber Falls down Mazama Chute

Feb 15, 2008 PMR Receives a Generous Donation

Jan 14, 2008 Overdue Climbers found by PMR