PMR Aids in Search for Missing Climber on Mt Adams
Monday, Aug 13, 2007

Early morning on Monday, August 13th PMR received a call out for assistance to locate an overdue climber on Mt Adams. PMR rescuers arrived on scene around 10:30am and were quickly briefed before beginning their search. The missing climber was last seen Sunday around 6:00 pm at the false summit. He continued on to the actual summit while the rest of his climbing group turned around headed down to the "lunch counter" at 9,000 feet. The man made it to the summit, but had gotten disoriented on his descent in the dark and did not join up with the rest of his party. The last message from the climber was on Monday morning stating that he was okay and thought that he had strayed too far to the West.  

At 11:00am, split into three teams, PMR rescuers headed west on the "Around the Mountain" trail. It wasn't until late afternoon when one of the search teams picked up a set of tracks around 8,500 feet and followed the tracts through rough glacial moraine terrain. The team eventually was able to see and meet up with the missing climber. Other than thirsty, hungry and blistered feet, the man was fine. Teams returned to base around 9:30pm.