PMR Assists with Injured Woman in Estacada
Friday, Oct 26, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007 Clackamas County Sheriffs Office called upon Portland Mountain Rescue to help evacuate an injured woman who had fallen off a cliff east of Estacada. The accident had happened about half way between Fish Creek and Three Lynx on the Clackamas River Trail. The woman had slipped off a very steep section of trail and fallen approximately 30 feet and landed on a ledge with another 30 feet of vertical below her.

PMR, along with AMR Reach and Treat medics, were able to fix a high angle rope system, lower themselves and a litter to the injured woman and raise her up to the trail. From there the rescuers were able to wheel the woman out on the precariously narrow trails to an area for an air evacuation.