PMR locates lost person on Mt Hood
August 06, 2008

On Wednesday, August 6th Clackamas County Sheriffs Office contacted Portland Mountain Rescue to assist with evacuating what was supposedly an injured skier near the summit of Mt Hood. CCSO had received multiple phone calls from the subject that provided clues, but failed to pinpoint his exact location.

Teams from PMR and AMR Reach and Treat (RAT) entered the field around 1:00 pm searching the upper parts of the mountain and the lower area of Zig Zag Glacier. The "injured skier" actually turned out to be a disoriented and dehydrated 55-year-old man, wearing only slip-on shoes and carrying a small travel bag full of spiritual books. Located on the Zig Zag Canyon rim approximately 200 feet above Mississippi Head, the man claimed to have spent "four days and nights" on the mountain.

After receiving food and liquids, the man was escorted to the upper Zig Zag Canyon where he was packaged in a litter, provided IV fluids and transported off the mountain. All teams were out of the field by 6:00 pm.

When entering any type of wilderness, it is extremely important to not only wear the appropriate clothing and footwear, but to carry an area map, a compass and enough food and water for your outing.