PMR Assists with Climber's Self-Rescue
February 01, 2009

Sunday, February 1st, 2009 two men were attempting a summit climb of Mt Hood. When the men reached the Hogsback, poor conditions and fatigue prompted them to turn around and head back down. As the pair descended, one of the men lost his balance and fell approximately 20 feet before self-arresting. During his fall the man dislocated his shoulder. His climbing partner placed a call to 911 and Portland Mountain Rescue was activated.

Another group of climbers came across the injured party and stopped to help out. With the assistance from this group and his climbing partner, the injured man was able to walk down the mountain to the top of the Palmer snowfield where he was met by a small team of PMR rescuers and a snow cat to take him back to Timberline Lodge.

While this accident was unfortunate, it serves as a good example of how self-reliance and help from fellow climbers can resolve the situation without the need of a complicated rescue.