Thanks to rescuers

By Letters to the editor in The Oregonian
October 06, 2009, 4:00AM

I would like to express appreciation to the members of the Clatsop County search and rescue team and Portland Mountain Rescue. This month, we recovered two drowning victims and two missing people found in very precarious places.

Recovery of the deceased in these areas has been quite a challenge, and those involved are risking their own lives to bring closure to the bereaved families.

The young man on Saddle Mountain was found only after an extensive air search by the Coast Guard. Our own search and rescue team led by Sgt. Dean Schroeder and deputy Chris Koehnke of the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office attempted to get to him.

The following day, the Portland Mountain Rescue team, led by Rocky Henderson, was called out. These men truly risked their lives and limbs to return these precious decedents to the people who loved them.

I am indebted to them and I wish to express my thanks publicly for the risks they took.

I hope that other citizens of the county will likewise show their support to them, be it verbally or financially.

Most of us don't realize what we have here. I do. Thank you.

Dr. Stefanelli is the medical examiner for Clatsop County.