PMR Searches For Climbers Missing Since 1980
Saturday, July 7, 2001
In November 1980, two experienced mountaineers - named Gary Claeys and Matt Larson - were caught in a violent storm during their climb of Southwest Washington's 12,276-foot titan known as Mount Adams.
The storm reportedly produced winds up to 100 mph and virtually erased Claeys and Larson from existence.  In the days following the storm, the climbers did not turn up and the resulting searches found only remnants of their tent at the 11,000-foot mark on the mountain.
Eventually, the organized searches were discontinued and only David Claeys, the younger brother of Gary, has regularly returned to search for the missing men.  It has been over 20 years and their bodies have not yet been discovered.
However, with the unusually dry Winter of 2000-2001 and a record low snow pack on Mount Adams, members of Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR) feel that the chances of locating the climbers is better than ever.
Accordingly, during the July 4th weekend of 2001, members of PMR will help search the glaciers and crevasses on the North Side of the mountain where Claeys and Larson are believed to have perished.
The bodies of Claeys and Larson were found on October 9, 2001.
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