PMR Featured in Sep. Issue of Adventure Magazine
Saturday, August 17, 2002
The September 2002 issue of National Geographic Adventure magazine presents the most extensive and accurate account to date on the May 30th Mount Hood tragedy.
The 17-page article is a tremendous piece of journalism featuring a detailed breakdown of the events as well as interviews with many of the victims and rescuers.
The story focuses on the "heroes" from that day, including PMR rescue leader Steve Rollins, who graces the cover photo, as well as three other shots in the article.  The Adventure website also contains an exclusive interview with Rollins regarding the rescue.
The magazine also features seven stunning photos shot on the scene by PMR rescuer Matt Weaver.
  Adventure Mag
The photos capture the selfless and heroic work of the rescuers, including PMR's Tracie Rosenberry, Michael Leming and Joe Owens.  Rosenberry appears in an action shot of her unfurling an IV bag for a critically injured patient.  In another photo, Leming and Rosenberry are both shown preparing for the arrival of an Oregon National Guard rescue helicopter.  In the final PMR photo, Owens is seen belaying a "sked" litter containing one of the deceased climbers as it is lowered down the Hogsback ridge.
One slip early on the morning of May 30, 2002, created a chain of events that killed three climbers, injured six more and drew nearly 50 rescue workers to the scene.  The already complex rescue was further complicated as an Air Force Reserve Pave Hawk helicopter crashed during the attempted airlift of a critically injured victim.  Three members of the six-man crew were injured, one seriously, and the worldwide media replayed the chopper accident for days.
Adventure magazine sent a photographer to Mount Hood within weeks of the disaster and worked with the rescue teams to develop an accurate timeline of the events, from the initial accident to the recovery of the deceased victims.  Their reporter and research staff worked for several months on the story and their quality effort shows in the article.
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