PMR Searches for 3 Missing Climbers on Mt Hood
Monday, December 11, 2006

Link to the North American Mountaineering Accident Report Form 

PMR had 16 searchers in the field on Monday looking for traces of the 3 missing climbers. Nine PMR members, working in 3 teams, searched portions of the climbers' route on the North side above Cloud Cap. A Crag Rat team searched this area as well.

Windy conditions
Skiing up near Languille Crags in sustained winds
Iain Morris (Portland Mountain Rescue)

Two rescue team members reported high sustained winds with gusts estimated at above 60 (both were blown over several times) and very limited visibility. The North side teams searched until a self-imposed mid-afternoon cutoff time and found no signs of the missing climbers.

Coe Glacier
Looking down on the Coe Glacier, on the north side of Mt. Hood
Iain Morris (Portland Mountain Rescue)

Seven PMR members, working in 2 teams, searched the south side. The teams were transported by snocat to about the mid-station on the Palmer lift; that was as far as the snocat could go. One team headed for the Hogsback and the other for Illumination Saddle. Both teams were recalled by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office IC at about 1:30 pm because of deteriorating weather conditions (high winds and limited visibility similar to that experienced by the North side teams). The Hogsback team reached a point about 200' below the top of Triangle Moraine and the Illumination Saddle team was within about 1/4 mile of the Saddle when recalled.

There will be about a dozen PMR members participating in the search on Tuesday.