Mt. Hood Search For 3 Climbers - Update
December 14, 2006  

During the day on Thursday, there were no PMR activities in the field on the South side of Mt. Hood.   On the North side, two PMR Rescue-level members responded to a request from the Hood River County Sheriff for team leaders to lead other search volunteers into the field today. Both PMR members worked on the same team today and searched to 7400' on Cooper Spur. They searched the Cooper Spur shelter and found no evidence of the missing climbers. They reported that it rained heavily the entire day up to at least 8000' and that the top layers of the snow are completely saturated with rainwater, adding to the instability of the snowpack on steeper slopes. Both men will stay at Cloud Cap tonight and will search the North side again tomorrow, weather permitting.  

PMR's Rescue Committee will be meeting this evening to develop plans for resuming search activities once the weather breaks.   There will also be a planning meeting this evening at the Hood River County Sheriff's office to plan future search activities on the North side. The Clackamas County Sheriff's office will have representatives there so that search plans for both sides of the mountain will be coordinated. PMR will have a representative in this meeting as well, to report on how PMR fits into those plans.  

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