PMR Assists in Snowboarder Search on Mount Hood
Sunday, May 16, 2004
Early Sunday morning, PMR joined a large group of searchers on Oregon's Mount Hood looking for a 16-year-old snowboarder who went missing the day before.  The young man reportedly was not equipped to spend the night in the wilderness.
The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office mobilized Portland Mountain Rescue and Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNWSAR) after the young man did not return from his day of riding at the Timberline Ski Area on Saturday.  Evidently, the snowboarder went out of bounds to the West of the ski area and became lost in the low visibility.  He ended up in an area between the ZigZag and Little ZigZag Canyons on the Southwest side of the mountain.
Fortunately, PNWSAR members located the subject, uninjured, on Sunday morning near Hidden Lake.  The area - near the 3,800-foot elevation mark - is a significant distance from Timberline Lodge.
PMR searchers on skis covered the Western edge of the Timberline Ski Area from the top of the Palmer Snowfield, as well as the canyons directly West of Timberline Lodge.  PMR teams located snowboard tracks in the Little ZigZag Canyon and followed them down the mountain until the snow ended around 4,200 feet in elevation.  Shortly thereafter, word of the successful discovery came over the radio.
Though this situation turned out for the best, it is advisable to have extra food, water and clothing even for a day of skiing or riding at a ski area.  If you truly become lost, the best plan of action is to stay in one place and find shelter.  Wandering in the wilderness will only make it harder for rescuers to find you.