PMR Rescues Two Snowboarders on Mt Hood
Monday, December 5, 2005
In the late evening hours on Monday, PMR teams located and rescued two snowboarders who had lost their way on a Mount Hood backcountry ski trail just above the town of Government Camp, Oregon.
The two subjects were making their way down the mountain from Timberline Ski Area, but mistakenly took the wrong trail.  After leaving the trail several times in an attempt to reach their intended route, the snowboarders became exhausted from wading through the deep and unconsolidated snow.
Using a personal cell phone, the subjects contacted the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office for help.  Fortunately, they also were carrying a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver and were able to relay their coordinates to the dispatcher.  Using this solid information, the Sheriff's Office requested PMR to search the area and bring the pair to safety.
In the hours before midnight, two PMR search teams dropped down from the ski area and eventually reached the snowboarders.  After providing the subjects with food, water and snowshoes, the subjects were able to safely walk down to the town of Government Camp on their own power.
PMR encourages all persons entering the backcountry to carry essential survival and communication equipment, including cell phone and GPS receiver.  Though devices like a GPS can improve the speed and efficiency of a rescue, all backcountry travelers should be prepared to spend a night in the elements should their technological devices fail to work.