PMR Joins Multi-Agency Search for Snowshoer's Remains - Body of Unidentified Person Found
Saturday, August 2, 2003
(Updated Sunday, August 3, 2003)
On Saturday, Portland Mountain Rescue joined over 100 other search and rescue personnel from around the Pacific Northwest to scour the South Side of Mount Hood for the remains of a missing snowshoer.
The subject disappeared on the 11,239-foot mountain during a white out in early March 2003 and was not found at that time, despite a week long search.  Hurricane force winds and snowfall of more than 6 feet hindered the original search, so the Clackamas County Sheriff postponed the search until the mountain sufficiently melted out in the Summer.
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During the multi-agency search on Saturday, a team from Portland's Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue discovered the remains of a man lying on the West face of Zig Zag Canyon, on the Southwest portion of the mountain.  Initially, the Sheriff identified the body as the missing snowshoer, but later retracted that statement.
  Zig Zag
The area where the body was found
The body's clothing was similar to that of the missing subject, and that contributed to the initial announcement.  However, on Sunday, the Clackamas County Medical Examiner officially determined that the remains were from another person.
Since there are no other persons reported missing on the mountain in 2003, the Sheriff is launching an investigation into the identity of the remains.  The whereabouts of the missing snowshoer are also still in question, so a third search may be called in the future.  However, there are no immediate plans to do so.
During the mission, PMR searchers covered the high angle and technically challenging areas of Mount Hood, including White River Glacier and the cliffs of Mississippi Head at the beginning of Zig Zag Canyon.  Other mountain rescue and ground search teams from around the Pacific Northwest helped scour the extensive search area.
For more information, please see the Clackamas County Sheriff's website.