Woman Trapped by Boulder
July 31, 2007

Tuesday evening a call went out to local Search and Rescue organizations to help a young woman whose leg was trapped by a boulder.  The woman and her friends were hiking to McNeil Point, on the northwest side of Mt Hood.  As they were crossing steep, difficult terrain off trail near the Muddy Fork drainage (the Muddy Fork drains the Sandy Glacier), a large boulder rolled onto the woman’s leg trapping her. 

Teams from American Medical Response (AMR), Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNW), and Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR) responded to the mission. The AMR and PNW teams were first to reach the injured woman and her friends.  By the time the SAR teams had arrived on scene, the woman’s friends had freed and splinted her injured leg. 

Due to the difficult terrain and the suspected complications of the woman’s injury, a ground evacuation was ruled out and the National Guard 1042nd was called in for immediate air evacuation.  The remaining hikers were assisted out on foot by rescuers.