PMR’s Core Philosophies.

Our Mission and Core Philosophies

MISSION A mission statement clearly defines the primary contributions an organization makes to the community it serves. It focuses on what is truly important to the organization and clarifies its purpose for existing. Our mission statement is as follows:

Portland Mountain Rescue is dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education

VISION STATEMENT A vision statement is a vivid description of an organization that defines where they expect to be in the future. It creates alignment around shared goals and challenges people to work towards a common dream. It provides a view of the future, a clear sense of direction, a mobilization of energy and gives a sense of ultimate meaning to the actions of an organization. Our vision statement is as follows:

Portland Mountain Rescue is a leader in the mountaineering community and recognized as experts in mountain and high angle rescue. We perform as a skilled team of motivated volunteers that work collaboratively with other search and rescue organizations. We set the highest standards for ourselves and the organization in order to respond with advanced, cutting-edge capabilities. As an organization, we are financially self-sufficient. Our members contribute with pride, commitment and strong morale to our mission while serving the outdoor and mountaineering community.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES Guiding principles defines what an organization considers to be appropriate behaviors and identifies an organization’s culture and belief system. These principles provide a constant foundation in an environment that is always changing. Our guiding principles are as follows:

Teamwork. Provide leadership and work collaboratively. Foster teamwork through mentoring and education and create camaraderie that results in a cohesive organization.

Safety. Recognize and mitigate hazards while maintaining the highest standards for team safety. Mandate safe practices internally and exhibit them while interacting with the climbing community.

Excellence. Strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of what we do. Recognize our weaknesses and continuously improve through an open and supportive learning environment. Exercise the highest level of competence in adverse conditions. Balance the confidence of excellence with humility.

Commitment. Be accountable to pursuing the mission of PMR, to our high standards and to each other. Possess a passion for serving the altruistic needs of PMR and remain dedicated to achieving our desired results through involvement.

Respect. Maintain a respect and appreciation for the unique contributions and level of involvement that each member offers. Respect the needs and desires of those we serve and for the natural environment in which we operate.

Enjoyment. Embrace the unique nature of what we do and to celebrate the enjoyment and fun that can accompany it. Seek opportunities that allow us to capitalize on our shared passion for the mountains and the outdoors.