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Portland Mountain Rescue search and rescue missions are coordinated through county emergency service authorities. We do maintain an information line accessible by the public

To Report An Emergency: Dial 911 for the County Sheriff

Please note: Calls from mountain and backcountry areas might not be routed to the nearest dispatch office, so it may take time to explain where you are and how they should get to you.

To Contact PMR Directly: Call 503-222-PMRU (7678)

Please note: Since PMR is an all volunteer organization, we do not have dedicated staff to directly answer your call. However, our third party answering service will forward your message to the appropriate PMR member as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Other Important Numbers
Oregon State Police 503-731-3030
Washington State Police 360-696-6161
Mt Hood (Zig Zag) Ranger Station 503-622-3191
Mt Hood (Hood River) Ranger Station 541-352-6002
Mt Hood Information Center 503-668-1700
Mt St. Helens National Monument 360-247-3900
Mt St. Helens Climbing Hotline 360-449-7861
Mt Adams Ranger Station 509-395-3400
Mt Adams Climbing Hotline 360-891-5015
Northwest Avalanche Forecast 503-808-2400
Nat'l Weather Service (Portland) 503-225-5555