Injured Climber on South Side of Mt. Hood

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office contacted PMR shortly after noon on February 5, 2012 requesting assistance to evacuate an climber on the south side of Mt. Hood below Crater Rock. Apparently, the climber lost her footing on steep, icy terrain. She lost her ice ax as she fell and was unable to self-arrest, until she came to rest several hundred feet lower. She had fallen behind her climbing group, and they were not aware of her fall. Other climbers came to her assistance.

The patient sustained injuries that prevented her from climbing down on her own. Timberline Ski Patrol and AMR were first on the scene. They stabilized the patient and provided emergency medical care. They requested PMR’s assistance in evacuating the patient.

A team of seven PMR rescuers loaded into a Timberline snow cat at 3:45 p.m. with litter and other equipment to lower the patient to the Palmer lift area. Based on the patient’s location and conditions, they were able to walk the litter down to the top of the Palmer lift without the use of ropes or other technical gear. A snow cat carried her the rest of the way to Timberline Lodge where she was transferred to an ambulance at 7:15 p.m.

PMR encourages climbers to never climb alone.