Missing Skier Found at SKi Bowl

Around midnight on April 9th, PMR was dispatched to assist in the search for a missing 43-year-old male skier who reported by cell phone that he was lost in the woods near Ski Bowl. The subject had apparently called his wife and a friend prior to contacting 911. Subsequently, his cell batteries died.

PLuckily, the subjected was located quickly. The key to the quick resolution of this mission was the ability of cell company technicians to zero in on the pings from the subject’s calls. Initially confidence was low, but by 5:00am they were able to get a fix within about 600′. Shortly after a team on snow machines made contact with the subject. (See map below for subject’s location) The skier was uninjured and in good shape. When skiing out of bounds, PMR encourages outdoor enthusiasts to always know the route, conditions and be prepared for backcountry travel.