Missing Snowboarder Timberline Ski Area

PMR assisted in the search for a missing snowboarder at Timberline Ski area on May 1st, 2010. Subject was a 29 year-old male last seen riding out of bounds around mid-day. The subject was wearing warm clothing, however had no food or water. He also did not have his cell phone.

After searching the out of bounds area (Sand Canyon) searchers followed a board track that eventually led to the subject’s abandon snowboard and a set of boot tracks. The boot track was followed for several miles, along the way finding the subjects dropped gloves.

Searchers found the boarder resting below a fir tree. He was jubilant, cold, hungry and dehydrated. The boarder reported that he had spent the night under the tree and had not had the energy to set out again in the morning. He had tried unsuccessfully to start a fire. His clothing was wet and had symptoms of mild hypothermia.

Rescuers provided food, water, dry clothing and helped the subject walk out to the trail were an ambulance was waiting. PMR encourages all outdoor enthusiasts traveling out of bounds to know the route and be prepared for unexpected weather, terrain, and navigation problems. Having adequate survival training to spend the night out in the wilderness is strongly recommended when traveling in the backcountry.