PMR Participatges in Rescue at Hot Rocks

Portland Mountain Rescue was called to assist in the extraction of an injured climber Wednesday morning just below the summit of Mount Hood in an area called “Hot Rocks”. The 25 year-old male climber lost his footing while descending from the summit and was unable to stop himself. The climber suffered injuries to his knee and elbow. Nearby climbers rendered first aid until PMR and the RAT (Reach and Treat) paramedics arrived. Once the patient was stabilized, PMR began the evacuation. The patient was loaded into a sled and lowered down the mountain using a series of rope & pulley lowering systems.

Many climbers take on Mt Hood each year due to the ease of access to the mountain and it’s primary climber route; The South Side. The top summit sections of Mt Hood contain some very dangerous and technical terrain. It is paramount that all climbers have the needed mountaineering skills in glacier travel, route finding, and safety. Check out our safety tips and links to current conditions before your next climb [ HERE ].