Mission Summaries 2006 – 2009

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2009 Mission Summary – 12 Missions • 1661 Person Hours

Date: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
Jan 17 Mount Hood (Pearly Gates) [Full Story] PMR Rescues one of its own after a fall. CMRU and AMR personnel assist. 1042nd Airlift. 11
Jan 21 Mt. Hood Mazama Chute [Full Story] 31 yr. old woman hit by ice resulting in a fatal fall. PMR Recovers Body 17
Feb 01 Mt. Hood South Side [Full Story] Fall results in a dislocated shoulder. Climber walks down. Mission cancelled. 6
Mar 06 Timberline Sand Canyon [Full Story] Two 15 yr. olds lost out of bounds Subjects located at 3600' Level. 10
Apr 04 Mt. Hood White River Canyon Team investigates large slide for victims. No subjects found, no skiers reported missing. 5
May 16 Mt. Hood Upper Zig Zag Glacier [Full Story] 34 yr. old woman struck by falling ice. Subject transported to ski area for evacuation. 15
May 17 Mt. Hood Coalman Headwall [Full Story] 54 yr. old man falls 400' down the headwall. Subject lowered to Snow Cat at 9800' 14
Jun 07 Mt. Hood Zig Zag Canyon [Full Story] Search for out of bounds teenage skiers. Subjects located at 3100' after 9 hour search. 12
Jun 28 Mt. Hood Sandy Glacier Headwall [Full Story] Climber struck by ice. Fractured femur. PMR & AMR reach subject. Heli hoist evac. 19
Aug 29 Pete's Mt Road Recovery – 23 yr old female after car accident. Deceased extracted from 150' ravine. 13
Sep 21 Saddle Mtn. Body of 18 yr old male retreived after fall. Recovery by PMR ends 3-day effort. 14
Dec 12 Reid Glacier HeadWall [Full Story] Search for 3 overdue climbers. Day 1. 1 deceased climber located at 9100 ft. 23
Dec 13 Reid Glacier Headwall [Full Story] Air search below 10000 ft. Day 2. Conditions limit ground search activity. 6
Dec 14 Reid Glacier HeadWall [Full Story] Air search to the summit. Day 3. Weather window allows detailed look. 11

2008 Mission Summary – 14 Missions •1226 Person Hours

Date: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
Jan 14 Mount Hood [Full Story] Overdue Leuthold Climbers Subjects located near Enid Lake 13
May 10 Timberline Missing Snowboarder Subject walked out while searchers were in route 7
Jun 09 Ultralight Crash Suspended Search Witness mistook mylar balloons for aircraft 13
Jul 06 Mount Hood (Coalman Glacier) [Full Story] Climber Falls Treated by AMR & PMR. Airlifted by 1042nd. 14
Jul 15 Old Timberline Trail (Yocum Ridge) Hiker Falls from Trail. Uninjured. Assisted back to trail by AMR. PMR in support. 12
Jul 27 Old Timberline Trail (Yocum Ridge) [ Full Story] Hiker falls 160' at trail washout. Litter Evac. 2nd Accident in 2 weeks at this location. 9
Jul 28 Mt. Hood (Cooper Spur) [ Full Story] Climber dies in fall from Cooper Spur. Technical recovery from gully on Eliot Headwall. 15
Aug 06 Mt. Hood (Upper Zig Zag Canyon) [ Full Story] Disoriented and dehydrated hiker rescued. Treated by AMR. Evacuated by litter to Lodge. 6
Oct 10 Oneonta Gorge (Triple Falls) [ Full Story] Hiker dies in fall from overlook. Technical recovery. Mult. Cty and PNW assist. 12
Oct 14 Mt. Adams Search Day 1 [ Full Story] Search for missing 27 year old male climber. PMR searches South Side route to the summit. 6
Oct 15 Mt. Adams Search Day 2 Day 2 of multi-agency search. PMR searches SW Chutes and surroundings. 9
Oct 19 Coalman Glacier Headwall [ Full Story] 39 year old male falls 300' on steep snow. PMR and AMR package subject for 1042nd airlift. 13
Dec 27 Ski Bowl – Missing Skier Skier located. Mission cancelled en route. 6
Dec 27 Willamette Pass – Missing Skier 57 yr old skier spends night out. Uninjured Mission cancelled en route. 4

2007 Mission Summary – 23 Missions • 2038+ Person Hours

Date: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
Jan 13 Mount Hood (Ski Bowl area) [Full Story] Body recovery Recovery by PMR Ready Team 5
Jan 27 Mount Hood (South Side) [Full Story] Climber with Broken Leg Rescue and ground evacuation by PMR Ready Team 6
Jan 27 Mount Hood (Below Timberline) Reported Lost Snowboarder Subject with friends, not lost in fields. 11
Jan 31 Mount Hood (South Side) [Full Story] Climber injured by falling ice Subject evacuated by National Guard helicopter 14
Feb 4 Mount Hood (Zig Zag Canyon) [Full Story] 3 Climbers lost in whiteout Subjects talked down via cell phone & GPS 9
Feb 18 Mount Hood (White River Canyon) [Full Story] 3 Climbers lost after fall, 1 injured Subjects found and escorted out 26
Mar 06 Mount Hood (Mirror Lake) Lost snowshoer – Cancelled in route Subjects walked out 8
May 12 Mount Hood (Reid Glacier)[Full Story] Five climbers lost in whiteout Subjects walked out 7
May 20 Mount Hood (South Side) Broken Ankle – on standby Others on scene did rescue 1
Jun 23 Mt. Adams Member assists with evacuation Leg fracture. Member on scene 1
Jun 25 Estacada, OR Fire dept responded. PMR not needed. Two subjects went to jail. 2
Jul 01 Sunstrip Campground Subject over cliff. Cancelled in Route 7
Jul 06 Ripplebrook Search Report of car over clivv Location not found. Possible hoax. 6
Jul 15 Goat Peak Body Recovery Recovered with assistance from PNWSAR 5
Jul 21 Mount Hood (North Side) Search for 2 climbers lost in December 06ry Coordinated multi-Unit search 11
Jul 31 Mount Hood (Muddy Fork) [Full Story] Subjects leg pinned by Boulder PMR in support role 11
Aug 12 Dog Creek – Skamania County [Full Story] Sheriff's Deputies stranded PMR assists in multi-agency evacuation. 9
Aug 13 Mt. Adams [Full Story] Lost Climber PMR locates subject near base of SW Chutes 6
Sep 07 Mount Hood (Pearly Gates) [Full Story] 1 stranded above Bergshrund, 1 injured in fall. Rescued, assessed (AMR), and assisted out 14
Sep 08 Mount Hood (North Side) [Full Story] Second Search for Dec 06 climbers OMRC Teams conduct joint search 10
Oct 26 Clackamas River Near MP 41 [Full Story] Woman injured in fall over cliff AMR, PMR & FS Trail Crew evacuate 11
Nov 04 Angels Rest Columbia Gorge [Full Story] Search for 2 missing hikers Hikers self rescue after night out. 9
Nov 09 thru 11 Olallie Mt. Search [Full Story ] Missing 63 year old UofO Professor PMR joins search on 4th day 16

2006 Mission Summary – 12 Missions • 3167+ Person Hours

Date: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
Jan 8-9 Near Estacada, OR (Austin Hot Springs) Missing person Subject not found 15
Jan 29-30 Mt Hood Ski Bowl (Gov't Camp, OR) [Full Story] Missing 13-year-old skier Multi-day search; Subject found by National Guard helicopter 20+
Feb 5 Near Estacada, OR (Clear Creek) 2 missing kayakers Subjects found by search boats 10
Feb 6 Mt Hood (Sand Canyon) Missing skier Recalled before arrival (Subject found) N/A
Feb 19-20 Table Rock (Near Molalla, OR) [Full Story] 2 injured hikers Recalled before arrival (Subjects found walking along forest road) 6+
Mar 4 Warm Springs Indian Reservation(Shitike Canyon)[Full Story] Missing timber worker Located subject and escorted out of wilderness 11
Apr 19 Columbia Gorge(Washington) Search for missing woman Subject deceased. Body recovered. 6
Jun 17 Mt. Hood Devil's Kitchen 3 Climbers fall from Pearly Gates. 2 airlifted by 1042nd. 9
July 02 Mt Adams (South Side) [Full Story] Evacuate two climbers Subjects ambulatory. Assisted down. 7
Oct 16-19 Crater Lake NP(Cleetwood Cove)
[Full Story] Search for missing 8 year old boy Subject not found 10
Nov 18 Mt Hood (South Side) [Full Story] Locate 17 year old climber Subject located and escorted down 6
Dec 11 Mt Hood (South Side) [Full Story] 3 missing climbers in progress 16+
Dec 12 Mt Hood (South Side) [Full Story] 3 missing climbers update in progress 13+
Dec 14 Mt Hood (North Side) [Full Story] 3 missing climbers update in progress 2+
Dec 17 Mt Hood (South Side) [Full Story] 3 missing climbers update in progress 26+