Mission Summariers 2010 – 2012

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2012 Mission Summary – 21 Missions • 1583 Person Hours

Date: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
12/28/12 Timberline Out of bounds skier lost west of Little Zig Zag. Located and rescued by Ski Patrol and PMR. 8
12/24/12 White River [Full Story] Exhausted trio spends two nights out. PMR finds and assists subjects to snow cat. 15
11/28/12 Mt. Hood – Crater Rock [Full Story] Climber disoriented in a whiteout calls for help. Subject located and escorted down. 15
11/24/12 Ramona Falls Search for 2 overdue hikers. Cancelled while enroute. Subjects located. 7
11/13/12 Mt. Hood – Little Zig Zag[Full Story] 2 lost climbers call for help on 2nd day out. Located at the head of Little Zig Zag Canyon. 14
10/29/12 Table Rock Wilderness Two teenage hikers spend two nights lost. Subjects walk out to a road in good shape. 5
08/19/12 Mt. Hood – Yocum Ridge Female hiker sustains compound leg fracture. PMR on standby as NG Helo evacuates patient. 9
08/15/12 Jefferson Park [Full Story] Team searches upper Whitewater Creek Search suspended at days end. 5
08/13/12 Jefferson Park [Full Story] Ongoing search in Jefferson Park area. Focus on Sprague Lk – Russell Lk drainage. 5
08/12/12 Jefferson Park [Full Story] Search for 52 year-old backpacker. Team searches area south of Park Ridge. 9
07/23/12 Zig Zag Canyon [Full Story] Hiker stuck with dog on canyon wall. PMR, AMR and Humane Society rescue. 5
06/21/12 Mt. Hood – South Side [Full Story] 57 yr-old unable to arrest fall. PMR and AMR evacuate subject. 11
06/12/12 Mt. Hood – South Side Experienced climber dies in solo fall. PMR performs recovery. 10
04/26/12 Roaring River Injured hunter evacuated by NG Helo. PMR Team supports AMR and PNWSAR. 5
03/23/12 Mt. Hood – White River Avalanche with possible victims. Ski Patrol investigates. Call-out cancelled 1
02/11/12 Timberline [Full Story] Snowboarder lost below Timberline. Subject walks into searchers near Enid Lake. 6
02/08/12 Mt. Hood – Zig Zag Glacier 2 Climbers lost in whiteout conditions. Pair self-rescues. Mission cancelled enroute. 5
02/06/12 Mt. Hood – South Side [Full Story] PMR locates and recovers body of climber. Missing climber perished in fatal fall. 16
02/05/12 Mt. Hood – South Side [Full Story] 35 yr-old climber falls below Crater Rock. Ski Patrol and AMR stabilize, PMR evacuates. 10
02/04/12 Mt. Hood – South Side Stand-by for climber who took 1000' slide. Assisted to ski area by off-duty member. 2
01/23/12 Mt. Rainier National Park PMR joins other teams in search for 4. 2 parties missing for 8 days in major storm. 3
01/16/12 Mt. Rainier National Park 66 yr. old snowshoer missing for 2 days. Subject located and evacuated 5

2011 Mission Summary – 21 Missions • 1432 Person Hours

Date: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
10/15/11 High Rock Body located by family and friends. PMR performs steep-angle recovery. 14
10/11/11 High Rock PMR works with team from Corvallis. Search suspended at day's end. 7
10/10/11 High Rock Day two of search. Team searches high-angle terrain. 4
10/09/11 High Rock Missing 47 year-old woman. PMR joins other teams in search. 5
09/25/11 Columbia River Gorge Injured hunter in Moffett Creek Drainage Extracted by National Guard 8
09/11/11 Skyline School PMR back out in the field. Day two of searching with temps in the 90s. 4
09/10/11 Skyline School Ongoing search for clues in Horman case. PMR searches steep brushy terrain. 5
08/27/11 Mollala River Road [Full Story] Subject in swim trunks stuck on cliff. Rescue by local agency. PMR held in reserve. 7
08/14/11 Ruckle Ridge PMR investigates abandoned backpacks. Owners come forward after release of pictures. 6
07/30/11 Crown Point [Full Story] Body of female suicide victim recovered. Subject's dog rescued from scene. 9
07/18/11 Mt. Adams [Full Story] 2 climbers overdue. Subjects walk out Salt Creek Drainage. 5
07/09/11 Timberline [Full Story] 72 year old climber exhausted/needs help PMR members assisted subject down 11
06/17/11 Timberline Woman climber injured shoulder in fall PMR members on scene assisted subject down 2
06/13/11 Columbia River Gorge Two trail runners reported overdue Subjects walked out an hour after PMR arrived 7
06/09/11 Coalman Headwall [Full Story] 30 yr-old woman injured by falling ice and slide Crag Rats and AMR stabilize, PMR evacuates. 10
05/08/11 Rock of Ages Trail [Full Story] Hiker loses trail and spends night out. Multnomah County SAR locates, PMR assists. 13
05/04/11 Angels Rest 2 hikers stranded overnight in steep terrain. Provided backup for helicopter hoist rescue. 11
04/08/11 Sand Canyon [Full Story] 17 year-old, out of bounds, calls for help. Subject self-rescues as PMR arrives. 5
04/07/11 Sand Canyon [Full Story] Exhausted Boarder and Timberline Patroller Pair located and assisted to Government Camp. 10
04/03/11 Rocky Butte Team covers high-angle terrain. Evidence search in Portland homicide. 14
03/27/11 Skyline School Kyron Horman disappearance PMR assists in continuing search for clues. 6
03/03/11 Timberline Missing 18 year old snowboarder Subject located while PMR was en route. 13
02/21/11 Timberline 13 year-old snowboarder lost out of bounds Quickly located in good shape near area. 4
02/20/11 Mt. Hood – West Side [Full Story] Lost Boarder ends up in Sandy River Canyon Rescued by National Guard Blackhawk 12
02/19/11 Mt. Shasta Ski Park [Full Story] PMR sends team in mutual aid effort. Body of 23 year old snowboarder recovered. 7
01/22/11 Mt. Hood – South Side [Full Story] Overdue 17 yr old climber activates MLU Moderately hypothermic teen located by PMR 12

2010 Mission Summary – 23 Missions • 2346 Person Hours

Date: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
12/30/10 Mt. Bacherlor Search for missing 14 yr old skier. Subject found while team was enroute. 9
10/10/10 Skyline School Searching continues. 9th day of participation by PMR 3
10/09/10 Skyline School Teams assist MCSO in search for clues Grid searching 4
10/03/10 Skyline School More searching on Sauvie Island 110+ participate in the field. 4
10/02/10 Skyline School Teams search on Sauvie Island. Continuation of search for Kyron Horman. 5
09/22/10 Adams Fork Search Day 2 of search for 84 yr-old mushroom hunter Subject walks out just prior to Team's arrival. 3
09/04/10 French's Dome Climber sustains leg injury in leader fall. 2 PMR members on-scene provide aid. 2
08/26/10 Reid Headwall Recovery of remains from Dec 09 accident. Apparent victims of a fall found at about 9700' 24
08/20/10 Mt. Adams [Full Story] Ill-prepared hikers assisted down from 11500' CWMRU and PMR bring subjects down safely. 4
08/08/10 Skyline School Kyron Horman search. Teams continue to look for clues. 5
07/31/10 Coleman Headwall Climber falls 400' from Mazama Chute. 3rd time this month. Climber fails to arrest. 11
07/31/10 Roaring River Wilderness Day 7 of Search. Team goes to Serene Lake. Team withdrawn to assist with Mt. Hood rescue. 4
07/26/10 Roaring River Wilderness Search for missing 57 yr old male. PMR sweeps trails on Day 2 of Search 6
07/24/10 Coleman Headwall [Full Story] 54 yr old male falls, sustains broken ankle. PMR evacs to Devils Kitchen for airlift. 8
07/22/10 Reid Headwall Continuation of search for Dec. 09 climbers. Search debris fields and assess snow depth. 5
07/07/10 South Side – Mt. Hood [Full Story] Climber fails to arrest fall from Mazama Chute Fall ends near Hot Rocks. Serious knee injury. 8
06/19/10 Skyline School Criminal Investigation continues. PMR searches roadsides for clues. 10
06/17/10 Coe Glacier Recovery [Full Story] PMR stages equipment in difficult conditions. 58 yr old recovered on 6/17. 10
06/12/10 Skyline School Active searching ends on 6/13. Case becomes criminal investigation. 3
06/11/10 Skyline School 2nd day of participation in massive search. Teams and Command Staff from OR, WA & CA. 11
06/10/10 Bagby Hot Springs 2 male backpackers and 3 dogs missing. PMR sweeps trail south. 2
06/10/10 Skyline School PMR requested on Day 7 of search. Missing 7 year old – Kyron Horman 9
06/08/10 South Side – Mt. Hood False Alarm. Mission cancelled enroute. 11
06/06/10 White River Canyon Search for Father(47) and Son(17). Subject's MLU and cell provides location. 11
06/02/10 Mt. St. Helens [Full Story] PMR joins search for 2 overdue climbers. Pair walks out. 3+" of rain falls during search. 12
05/17/10 Hunchback Mtn. 25 yr old male hiker spends night out. Subject located by PNWSAR 8
05/01/10 Sand Canyon [Full Story] 30 yr old snowboarder lost out of bounds. Found near Enid Lake following morning 13
04/22/10 Wauneka Point [Full Story] Search for 60 year old off-trail hiker. Subject located in good shape after night out. 9
04/09/10 Ski Bowl [Full Story] Search for 43 yr old male skier. Located by snow machines near Still Creek. 5
03/25/10 Eagle Creek [Full Story] PMR aids ill-prepared overdue hiker. 59 year-old male spends night out on Eagle Cr. 11
03/10/10 Table Mt. [Full Story] 4th day of active searching. Search suspended indefinitely at day's end. 6
03/09/10 Table Mt. [Full Story] PMR joins search for missing female hiker. Team searches off-trail around Greenleaf Cr. 8
02/23/10 Benson State Park [Full Story] Hiker stranded on cliff near Multnomah Falls. Subject lowered to safety by team of two. 18
02/18/10 Reid Headwall Assessment of conditions and access. Pre-planning for possible recovery efforts. 7